• Rational Number
    Category: Mathematics

    Numbers which can be put in the m/n where m & n are not equal to zero.

  • Regular Polygon
    Category: Mathematics

    All sides and angles are equal.

  • Register
    Category: Computer Science

    A fast stand alone storage location that holds data temporarily

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
    Category: Computer Science

    Random Access Memory (RAM), the main memory of the computer that stores data and programs.

  • Read Only Memory (ROM)
    Category: Computer Science

    Read Only Memory (ROM), permanent memory with contents that cannot be changed.

  • Ratio
    Category: Mathematics

    A comparison of 2 or more numbers that relate to eachother. Ratio\\\'s involve showing a pattern in numbers and what that relation or pattern is.

  • Range
    Category: Mathematics

    The difference between the highest and lowest number in a set of data.

  • Resistor
    Category: Electrical Engineering

    A resistor is simply a piece of material that tries to stop current from going through it. A resistor tries to resist current. When current is moving at a certain speed, a resistor simply slows it down to get the current to the right speed to do what it needs to do.

  • Ray
    Category: Mathematics

    A line starting in one direction and going infinitely in the other direction.

  • Reflection
    Category: Mathematics

    a transformation in which a shape is reflected across a line creating a mirror image.

  • Reduction
    Category: Chemistry

    The addition of a hydrogen molecule. Reduction is a GAIN of an electron. For something to be reduced, it has ultimately recieved a proton.

  • Radius
    Category: Mathematics

    A line segment between the center and a point of the circle or sphere

  • Runtime
    Category: Computer Science

    In computer science, runtime describes the operation of a computer program, the duration of its execution, from beginning to termination.

  • Recursion
    Category: Computer Science

    The process of a procedure calling itself.

  • Routine
    Category: Computer Science

    In computer programming, a routine, also called subroutine or function or procedure, is a section of a program that performs a particular task.

  • Regulator
    Category: Biology

    A molecule that can combine with an enzyme and either speeds up or slows down the enzyme. This does not include the substrate!!

  • rRNA (Ribosomal RNA)
    Category: Biology

    rRNA is a type of RNA that structurally supports ribososmes. rRNA is created inside of the nucleolus.

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