• Norepinephrine
    Category: Medicine

    A chemical released by the body. The brain tells the body to use this chemical usually in scary or risky situations. It makes the body work harder, better, faster and stronger.

  • Numerator
    Category: Mathematics

    The top number of a fraction.

  • Negative Fractions
    Category: Mathematics

    A set of fractions to the left of zero on a number line.

  • Negative Number
    Category: Mathematics

    A number that is less than zero.

  • Net
    Category: Physics


  • Newton\'s First Law (N1L)
    Category: Physics

    In a vacuum, something that is moving will continue to move. Something that is not moving, will continue to not move.

  • Newton\'s Second Law (N2L)
    Category: Physics

    Heavy stuff needs more force to move the same distance as something lighter. (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

  • Newton\'s Third Law (N3L)
    Category: Physics

    For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. When an object pushes another object, it gets pushed back in the opposite direction EQUALLY hard.

  • Non- Linear
    Category: Differential Equations

    When the INDEPENDENT VARIABLES (usually X or Y) of a differential equation have different exponents than the other independent variables in the differential equation. Also, when the independent variable is affected by a trig function.

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