• Least Common Denominator
    Category: Mathematics

    The common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions that have the least value. This is also known as the LCD.

  • Line Segment
    Category: Mathematics

    A line that starts in one section and ends in the next.

  • Loop
    Category: Computer Science

    it is a statement of code that is run until a specific condition is met

  • Local Variable
    Category: Computer Science

    Variables that exist only within a function

  • Least Common Multiple
    Category: Mathematics

    The smallest number two numbers can be divided into.

  • Lymph Nodes
    Category: Biology

    Lymph nodes are circle shaped bumps that are found around the body. The lymph vessels is where lymph is cleaned by white blood cells to remove germs and bacteria.

  • Legislative Branch
    Category: Waves & Fields

    Responsible for passing the laws

  • Love
    Category: Spirituality

    A state of ineffable sweetness and joy existing in the human race comparable to a state of god\'s divine grace.X

  • Linear
    Category: Differential Equations

    When the INDEPENDENT VARIABLES (usually X or Y) in a differential equation is the same order, or same exponents. (NOT including trig functions)

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