• Epithelial Tissue
    Category: Medicine

    The layer of skin that lets different things in and out of your body. Epithelial tissue is like a filter, where most things can\'t go in and out, but some things can.

  • Eczema
    Category: Medicine

    A malfunction or defect of the skin. Eczema is usually passed on from family members and can range from minor painless flaking skin to extremely painful dry itchy skin. Eczema is not contagious.

  • Eukaryote
    Category: Algebra

    A cell with a nucleus.

  • Exothermic
    Category: Chemistry

    To give off, or to lose energy or heat. Exothermic reactions in general tend to be spontaneous, or simply happen instantly with ease.

  • Endothermic
    Category: Chemistry

    To absorb energy. For something to be endothermic means that it is gaining energy, and in order for something to gain enery, energy must be available to be taken.

  • Ethane
    Category: Organic

    Ethane comes from petroleum and is known as a natural gas. A stable carbon able to mix with water, ethane is used as gas for a car. A molecule that has 2 carbon atoms attached to each other, that have a total of 6 hydrogen atoms sticking off of it. (3 hydrogen atoms connected to one carbon, 3 hydrogen atoms connected to the other carbon).

  • Equivalent Equation
    Category: Mathematics

    Algebraic equations with the same answer.

  • Equivalent Expression
    Category: Mathematics

    Two algebraic expressions that have equal value.

  • Even Number
    Category: Mathematics

    An integer that is a multiple of two.

  • Evaporation
    Category: Algebra

    When water changes into a gas.

  • Electrostatics
    Category: Circuits/ Electronics

    The study of electric fields that are NOT moving. This deals with steady charge.

  • Energy
    Category: Physics

    The capacity or the ability to do work. It takes energy to move something from point A to point B.

  • Equilibrium
    Category: Physics

    Something that is NOT moving.

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