We at Teamdictionary.com would like to extend our gratitude by congratulating and thanking you for helping to create the newest and latest dictionary for learning.

Why do we need volunteers?

Building a new and revolutionary dictionary takes time and effort, and we can use all the help we can get! Donate your words and definitions to help us populate the dictionary for everyone’s sake. We recommend that you register in order to receive credit. However, you don’t have to register to submit words or definitions. Those who do register will not only gain credit, but if you manage to get at least 100 words submitted and accepted, you will receive a $25 gift card, and will become eligible to apply for a position as a team player.

A team player is a staff member who maintains a higher ranking than the average user. They are actual managers of teamdictionary.com, which can be used on a resume as a leadership position. Although being a team player has its perks, volunteers can even use this experience to put on their resume as well, and even count this as an internship! You may be wondering how this will count as an internship, and since Teamdictionary.com is a teaching website, we will give you a few tips right here and now! As a volunteer, we give special permission to add this experience to your resumes, and since you will be adding words, this is known as Data Entry and you will be considered a Data Entry Specialist by our terms. Also, volunteers will be eligible to apply for Teamplayers, they aren’t quite managers yet, but are considered Associates, and therefore since volunteers are adding words and are giving their advice, this is known as Consulting.

Finally, since volunteers will be doing Teamdictionary.com a huge service, it is only fair to recognize all volunteers by giving them recommendations if and when necessary. Remember, this is for a limited time only! Volunteers have a great deal of potential to really push this dictionary forward and most importantly, help others in ways we can’t even imagine.

Once again Teamdictionary.com would like to thank all volunteers and contributors!