Hello there fellow future leader!

The team would like to personally welcome you, and thank you for visiting our website, especially the about us page.

TEAM Dictionary is a new era dictionary which explains advanced terms in a simple way to help people gain a better understanding. There are many functions and features of TEAM Dictionary. Some of the features include New Terms, Did you know?, Featured Terms, Hot Terms, Search Result, category/hierarchy search, word comparison, top terms and much more!

Our latest addition to the website is the new point system, called the international ladder. This ladder shows us the members who have subscribed to the website, their progress, and all of their contributions. Unlike other websites, we will venerate our top members by awarding them with awards such as contributor of the month, or top 100 contributors of the year. These contributors are automatically entered into sweepstakes, and on most occasions, are rewarded for their contribution to the website.

We want to show everyone that this is a team effort and what we stand for is much bigger than one person, and much bigger than myself and the team. Our goal is to make life much easier, whether it be studying for the MCAT, LSAT, SAT, PSAT, general licensing tests, or even informing someone of words that may give them an insight to what's going on.

Our common example is that if you are aware of a condition or status ailment, you can take a look at our website and learn the fancy words and be able to understand, and even offer options about what you know to the doctor, either impressing them, and/or showing them that you are not stupid! Need help with vocabulary that just doesn't make sense? Go to TEAM Dictionary and get help with those advanced terms. We're here to make a difference! .

TEAM Dictionary believes in working together to help unify everyone all over the world through one common factor, and in our circumstance, it is free education. A readily available library of advanced terms broken down to words understandable by the masses, is at your disposal at no cost to you!

TEAM Dictionary is created to help one another, and we would like the help and support of as many people as we can get. So please, from us, to you as an individual, spread the word about TEAM Dictionary. Be a part of the experience!